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Specialized Care–in a Heartbeat

Posted on August 9, 2017

Jayne Jackson and her husband Doug are well known in Roane County for their tireless efforts to fight drug abuse and keep kids safe. You might say they have a heart for it.  Not too long ago, Jayne’s caring heart was in peril, but today she’s telling her story and sharing how her local hospital helped her heal.

It started when she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AFib) several years ago. AFib is an irregular, often rapid heart rate that commonly causes poor blood flow. When her symptoms sent her to the emergency department at Roane Medical Center Jayne says she was treated promptly, professionally, and compassionately. The medical team monitored her closely, and then encouraged her to follow-up with her physician. Jayne contacted her doctor after she was discharged from the hospital, and he prescribed medication that helped for a while, but Jayne eventually began to experience another important symptom – shortness of breath. It was a problem that wouldn’t go away, and intensified over time.  

“I couldn’t even walk across the room without gasping for air,” she says.  

Doug rushed her to the emergency department where care was administered promptly, once again. “I was first on the runway!” she says. Prompt care is critical in treatment of heart problems, and Jayne praises the speed with which hospital staff addressed her symptoms. “It was instantaneous,” she says. “They hooked me up to an EKG, and they started giving me medication.” 

After the initial emergency care, Jayne was placed in the intensive care unit (ICU), and then transferred to a patient room for several days. Proof of the level of care she was receiving came one night when her blood pressure unexpectedly dropped. “They were all over me,” she says of the medical personnel at Roane Medical Center. The treatment was prompt and thorough.     

“My experience there was great,” Jayne says. “I can’t tell you the names of all the RN’s and LPN’s, but everyone was just wonderful.” She says the excellent care and consideration extended beyond the doctors and nurses, too. “Even the little gal who came to clean my room – she was such a sweetheart.” Jayne describes Roane Medical Center as being a “jewel.” Perhaps a crown jewel, because she enthusiastically says she was treated like a queen.  “I think because of its size, it’s more personal and more family-like,” Jayne says about Roane Medical Center, “that’s a plus!” She also takes comfort in knowing that Roane Medical Center is a member of Covenant Health, and access to the resources, advanced technologies and unique services of other Covenant Health member hospitals is readily available.

With her heart now beating at a good, steady rhythm, she’s telling others about her experience at Roane Medical Center to support her community hospital. She says it’s a comfort to know care is so close if she should ever need help, again. “I would go back in a heartbeat!” Jayne says.     

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