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Even before the assessment process was completed, its value was becoming evident. This process has expanded our network of community partners and has given us the chance to work with organizations that are new to us. The assessment outcomes have focused our efforts and resources on what is important to the community and what has the potential to meaningfully and measurably improve the health of Roane County.

We wish to acknowledge the following individuals for assisting us in our first assessment process. These partners provided valuable expertise and important perspectives in helping us reach the important conclusions of the assessment.

Darrell Williams – Roane County Chamber of Commerce
Laura Conner – Director, Roane County Health Department
Kay Thomas – Social Worker, Roane County Health Department
Donna Raines – Health Educator, Roane County Health Department
Kathleen Cole – Roane County Health Council
Carolyn Shipley, RN – Chief Nursing Officer, Roane Medical Center
Gaye Jolley – President & CAO, Roane Medical Center
Jason Pilant – COO, Roane Medical Center
Kathy Parks – Director, The Bridge at Rockwood
Lynn Wright – Luminary Methodist Church
Melissa Smith – United Way Board Member
Sarah Stevenson – Roane County Anti-Drug Coalition

Many thanks to all the community organizations who helped us distribute the survey throughout Roane County and to those leaders who participated in focus groups.

Additionally, we thank the hundreds of residents who took the time to share their perspectives and experiences in the community health survey. Roane Medical Center and Covenant Health remain committed to improving the health and quality of life in our communities.