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    New Hospital News

    Press Releases

    Construction Updates

    May 2011 
    • New Hospital sign installed
    • Beginning to move clay
    • Cut and fill will begin May 16
    • Plans in place and moving forward for storm, sewer and detention
    • Building Pad is being constructed, 10% complete
    • Concrete is expected to be on site around June 30

    June 2011

    • Mock ups of hospital rooms to begin around July 1
      • Patient Rooms
      • Emergency Department Rooms
      • ICU Rooms
      • Outpatient Surgery Rooms
    • Building and MOB pads are expected to be complete around the end of September
    • Hellipad is expected to be complete around the end of September
    • TDOT approved excavating company to begin filling in the ditch between Roane State Hwy.
      and the medical center site.

    July 2011

    • Elevator shaft is expected to be dug out this week.
    • The steel package is expected to arrive around the week of July 25.
    • Crew to begin pouring footers after steel package arrives.
    • Approval to pipe the stream running through the construction site is to be final July 25.

    August 2011

    • Foundation work has begun. The construction crew has started the beginning stages of pouring concrete.
    • Steal package is expected to arrive around the first of September.

    October 2011

    • Steel is going up and halfway complete at site.
    • Beginning stages of concrete are being poured at MOB and 2nd story of new hospital.
    • Steel is expected to be completely up by December 6.

    December 2011

    • Steel for MOB expansion is expected to arrive December 13 and should take just a few weeks to put in place.
    • Site utilities are underway.
    • Roofing on the second story is underway.
    • Second floor brick is almost complete.
    • Concrete slab pouring for grade pours continue. Front entrance and lobby complete.
    • Patient room framing on second floor has begun.
    • Storm and Sanitary drains nearly 50% complete.
    • Eletrical primary going up on hill.
    • Additional steel for MOB expansion arrived & should be completed soon.
    • Roofing complete on three of the patient towers.
    • Walls nearly complete on the west wing of hospital.

    January 2012

    • Construction crew continues to work on hospital storm drains.
    • Concrete slab pours are 70% complete.
    • Utility bores to be complete under highway soon.
    • Fireproofing to be complete this month.
    • Roofing over emergency department and intensive care unit to be complete soon.
    • Hospital gas instillation to begin end of January.
    • Hospital asphalt paving estimated to begin March 1.
    • Crews continuing fine grading of the secondary road into the new hospital campus.
    • Exterior masonry is progressing.

    February 2012

    • Storm drains nearly complete.
    • Exterior framing 95% complete.
    • Brick 75% complete.
    • Concrete pours continue.
    • 95% of patient tour interior walls framed.
    • Asphalt paving estimated to begin early March.

    March 2012

    • Storm utilities in place.
    • Water in place and tested by the County
    • Nearly 50% of two parking lots have been paved. Expecting the third parking lot to be complete by May.
    • Roofing complete on the MOB.
    • Window installment has begun.
    • Finishing sheetrock will be hung soon.

    April 2012

    • Water lines are complete.
    • Electrical primary entrance is complete.
    • Nearly 80% of site lighting is complete.
    • Masonry is nearly complete.
    • Interior wall framing is complete.
    • Drywall on the second floor is completed and crews will start on the Emergency Department next.

    August 2012

    • Tiling is complete in the second floor rooms. Casework (cabinetry) is currently being installed.
    • Tiling is being laid on the first floor in the emergency department, intensive care unit, and imaging department. Casework is currently being installed in the ED and ICU.
    • HVAC units are running in the ED, ICU, imaging department and the second floor.
    • Framing is almost complete in the Professional Office Building.
    • The in-ground therapy pool for the Roane Medical Patricia Neal Outpatient Center has been delivered.
    • Asphalt has been laid in front of the main hospital entrance. 


    Did You Know?
    Fun Facts about the NEW Roane Medical Center!

    • Our amazing site crew has moved 260,000 cubic yards of earth.
    (There’s nearly 21 feet of dirt covering Shields-Watkins Field.)
    • There’s 831 tons of structural steel.
    (Elephants average 5 tons, so that’s approximately 166 elephants.)
    • There’s 78,000 sq. ft. of dry wall.
    (Approximately 2 acres or nearly 16 football fields.)
    • There’s 545,000 feet, or 104 miles, of Light Gauge Framing.
    • We have 183,000 bricks.
    (One per Knoxvillian, or 3.5 per Roane Countian.)
    • There’s 788,400 feet of copper wire.
    (Or 149 miles. It is 143 miles from RMC to Nashville.)
    • We have 240,000 ft. of conduit.
    (Or 45 miles. It is 40 miles from RMC to Knoxville.)
    • 24,000 tons of asphalt has been laid.
    (The Eiffel Tower weighs approximately 10,000 tons,
    so we have 2.4 Eiffel Towers.)
    • We have 14,400 ft., or nearly 3 miles of curb
    • We have approximately 175,000 sq. ft. of flooring.
    (Or 4 acres, or 35 football fields.)
    • There’s approximately 600 gallons of paint.