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    New Hospital Home

    The new Roane Medical Center will be built on Roane State Highway in Midtown near Pinnacle Point, a commercial shopping center located just off the Harriman/Midtown exit of Interstate 40. Approximately 64 acres of land have been secured for the medical center campus.

    New hospital property

    Why build a new hospital rather than update the current facility?
    A new and modern hospital will support a growing physician base, expand
    technology, and assure our community gets local, quality-based healthcare.
    Roane Medical Center was built in 1939, and a substantial portion of the
    current hospital building is more than 70 years old. Even after various 
    modifications over the past few decades, the facility could not accommodate
    the new technologies needed. The hospital has grown in complexity of cases
    handled and the increased scope of physicians and staff. A new, modern 
    facility was needed to match that transition.

    Also, the current hospital is land-locked between a number of historically 
    significant buildings, a few major roads, and various businesses, buildings, 
    and needed parking areas in downtown Harriman. Renovations or a 
    replacement facility would be difficult to achieve without disrupting our 
    neighbors and the long-established road systems.
        - Gaye Jolly, President & Chief Administrative Officer