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About the New Hospital

Welcome to the new Roane Medical Center. I believe a new standard of higher quality care for Roane County will be established with our state-of-the-art $72 million dollar hospital. Every aspect of the quality care patients and their families receive today at Roane Medical Center will be enhanced in the new hospital design.

Roane Medical Center's mission is to serve the community by improving quality of life through better health. A new and modern medical center will support a growing physician base, expand technology, and assure the patients and families in Roane County get local, quality-based healthcare for decades to come. Our medical center has been a valuable community resource for more than 70 years, and the new Roane Medical Center is designed to allow us to continue providing excellent patient care.   

The new hospital's enhanced features include all private rooms that facilitate personalized patient care, privacy and comfort. Another important part of the design is to enhance staff-patient interactions, which the new layout will achieve. The way our new hospital departments are designed will make moving patients for tests and procedures more convenient and more private. 

Healthcare, treatment procedures, and technology continue to rapidly advance, requiring hospitals to be adaptable and flexible. The new Roane Medical Center will have enlarged and modern nursing units, technologically-advanced surgery suites, and progressive medical imaging and cardiac care services. 

We are proud to be able to continue to provide excellent care in a new, modern facility that keeps services local. We are one community and one hospital building the future together. We hope you will continue to choose Roane Medical Center as your first choice for quality healthcare services.

Best of Health,

Gaye Jolly
President & Chief Administrative Officer