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Thursday, August 16, 2012 - Roane Medical Center Counts Down to Midtown, Six Months Until Move



Did You Know?
Fun Facts about the NEW Roane Medical Center!

• Our amazing site crew has moved 260,000 cubic yards of earth.
(There’s nearly 21 feet of dirt covering Shields-Watkins Field.)
• There’s 831 tons of structural steel.
(Elephants average 5 tons, so that’s approximately 166 elephants.)
• There’s 78,000 sq. ft. of dry wall.
(Approximately 2 acres or nearly 16 football fields.)
• There’s 545,000 feet, or 104 miles, of Light Gauge Framing.
• We have 183,000 bricks.
(One per Knoxvillian, or 3.5 per Roane Countian.)
• There’s 788,400 feet of copper wire.
(Or 149 miles. It is 143 miles from RMC to Nashville.)
• We have 240,000 ft. of conduit.
(Or 45 miles. It is 40 miles from RMC to Knoxville.)
• 24,000 tons of asphalt has been laid.
(The Eiffel Tower weighs approximately 10,000 tons,
so we have 2.4 Eiffel Towers.)
• We have 14,400 ft., or nearly 3 miles of curb
• We have approximately 175,000 sq. ft. of flooring.
(Or 4 acres, or 35 football fields.)
• There’s approximately 600 gallons of paint.


Roane Medical Center now is only six months away from completing construction on its new 155,000 square foot medical center campus that will include a state-of-the-art hospital and a professional office building.

Roane Medical Center first received approval in April 2011 from the Tennessee Health Services and Development Agency to build the new medical center.

The 64-acre campus currently is under construction on Roane State Highway in Midtown near Pinnacle Point, a commercial shopping center located just off the Harriman/Midtown exit of Interstate 40.

“It’s hard to believe we’ll be moving in just six months. Construction has moved quickly thanks to the hard-working contractors, sub-contractors and crew up at the new medical center campus,” said Gaye Jolly, president and chief administrative officer of Roane Medical Center.

The construction crew has moved 260,000 cubic yards of earth for the new medical center campus and installed 831 tons of structural steel. The new medical center campus is constructed of 183,000 bricks, approximately 600 gallons of paint, and approximately 175,000 square feet, or 4 acres, of flooring.

Key features of the new hospital include all private, modern patient rooms with large natural light windows, 15 emergency suites, technologically-advanced surgery suites, and enlarged and modern nursing units. Patient drop-off and pick-up areas will be available, as well as free parking in more than 500 parking spots. Patients and visitors can enjoy freshly prepared meals in the new Three Rivers Café.

The new medical center campus will be wired with new and innovative technologies including new computer systems, information technologies and hardware for transition to electronic medical records.

“Our staff has been working diligently to prepare for all the major changes coming our way and for the transition into the new hospital,” said Jolly.

Adjacent to the hospital will be a new professional office building, which will be home to medical professionals including Thompson Oncology Group, Roane Medical Patricia Neal Outpatient Center, and Roane Medical Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation.

Thompson Oncology Group will be staffed with board-certified oncology physicians, who will have access to nationally-acclaimed multidisciplinary cancer care through Thompson Cancer Survival Center.

Roane Patricia Neal Outpatient Center will feature an in-ground therapy pool complete with a built-in treadmill, and Roane Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation will offer a new, state-of-the-art telemetry monitoring system.

The new Roane Medical Center will open February 2013.

Roane Medical Center is recognized as a Joint Commission Top Performer in Key Quality Measures.

Roane Medical Center, a member of Covenant Health, offers personalized patient care through its quality medical and surgical care, emergency services, prevention programs, rehabilitation support and health education. The hospital staff has extensive expertise in specialized services that include diagnostic imaging, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, and many others. Roane Medical Center also offers services through its subsidiaries, RMC Patricia Neal Outpatient Center and Roane Medical Women’s Center.

Roane Medical Center, located in Harriman, Tenn. and founded in 1939, offers the right blends of technical expertise, medical professionalism and hometown values.