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Friday, July 19, 2013 - RMC Patricia Neal Outpatient Centers Offer Unique Therapies


 Certified Hand Therapist
Linda Preston provides specialized
rehabilitation to a patient suffering
upper extremity pain.



RMC Patricia Neal Outpatient Centers continue to be the only therapy centers in Roane County to offer advanced rehabilitation and therapy services to patients suffering vestibular disorders, neck or spine injuries, and acute hand pain.

Certified therapists at RMC Patricia Neal offer advanced clinical practice in vestibular therapy, McKenzie spine therapy, and hand therapy.

“Certifications in these specialized services allow us to help patients in our community and surrounding areas who otherwise would have had to drive to Knoxville or further to receive care,” said Matt Magee, manager at RMC Patricia Neal.

Vestibular rehabilitation promotes central nervous system compensation for inner ear disorders, as well as help with any acute loss of vestibular function following surgery for vestibular problems. In addition, vestibular rehabilitation also helps people suffering from off-balance feelings, vertigo, difficulty with focus, or “fogginess” after a head injury.

“As a certified therapist, I can treat vestibular patients with any of these symptoms through various rehabilitation methods, such as specific exercises to retrain the vestibular system to function more appropriately,” said Andrea Branson, licensed physical therapist at RMC Patricia Neal.

RMC Patricia Neal has two therapists certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) through the McKenzie Institute, USA. McKenize spine therapy, a type of therapy for back and neck pain also known as the McKenzie Method®, emphasizes education and active patient involvement in order to decrease pain quickly, restore function and independence, prevent recurrence, and minimize need for medical intervention.

“This unique therapeutic approach seems to be widely recommended as the first choice of treatment for common back and neck problems. It’s being used by practitioners and patients all over the world,” said Magee.

RMC Patricia Neal patient, John Williams, received McKenzie spine therapy to relieve chronic neck pain and tingling he suffered in his left arm from his shoulder to his fingertips.

“When I first started going to RMC Patricia Neal, I had three slipped discs in my neck – one of which was really bad. My therapist worked his magic, tailoring exercises to my specific needs,” said Williams.

Williams explained he and his therapist worked through several exercises until they found the right fit for his needs. Anytime Williams felt the pain reoccurring, they would perform the exercises, and the pain would go away.

“I’m very happy to say that I have been discharged and my range of motion has definitely increased because of McKenzie Spine Therapy,” said Williams.

Another unique therapy offered at RMC Patricia Neal is hand therapy. Hand therapy is a type of rehabilitation used on patients suffering conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities to help manage acute or chronic pain. This type of preventative treatment can provide desensitization following nerve injury or trauma and provide sensory re-education after nerve injury. The certified hand therapist at RMC Patricia Neal specializes in treatment of the elbow, wrist, and hand.

In addition to these advanced rehabilitation and therapy services, RMC Patricia Neal also offers physical, occupational and speech therapies, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, and industrial medicine.

RMC Patricia Neal Outpatient Centers provide services out of two locations, one in Harriman and another office in Kingston. RMC Patricia Neal is recognized as a Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO) Champion.

For more information on services offered at RMC Patricia Neal Outpatient Centers, call (865) 316-0000.

Roane Medical Center is recognized as a Joint Commission Top Performer in Key Quality Measures.

Roane Medical Center, a member of Covenant Health, offers personalized patient care through its quality medical and surgical care, emergency services, prevention programs, rehabilitation support and health education. The hospital staff has extensive expertise in specialized services that include diagnostic imaging, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, and many others. Roane Medical Center also offers services through RMC Patricia Neal Outpatient Center and Roane Medical Women’s Center.

Roane Medical Center, located in Harriman, Tenn. and founded in 1939, offers the right blends of technical expertise, medical professionalism and hometown values.